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Ms. Nirit Giladi

Owner and CEO


An agronomist by profession, I have been involved in research, higher education, and practical agricultural activities in Israel for more than 30 years. In addition, I worked as a consultant on agribusiness management projects that focused on nurseries, drip irrigation technology systems, and greenhouse technologies for climate control. For the last several years, I served as academic director of agricultural management programs at the Galilee International Management Institute. In this creative and challenging position, I played an instrumental role in planning and organizing tailor-made tours and training programmes on a variety of agricultural topics in higher education. 
Six years ago, I started my own business in agricultural training, Agrotrip, and since then I have had the pleasure of guiding numerous groups of farmers, Agribusiness entrepreneurs, and experienced agribusiness managers who were interested in learning about agriculture in Israel.

Mrs. Ella Giovanna Gavriel 

Travel Agent & Spanish Marketing Manager

A travel agent specializing in the marketing of agricultural tourism programs for Latin America. As a Spanish, English and Hebrew speaker I am translating programs to the Spanish language and match it especially for the needs of Agrotrip Israel's South American customers. 

Mr. Ohad Kalifa

Director of Agriculture Projects in Dairy Production


An agronomist, farm manager and director of agribusiness projects in dairy production, greenhouses technology and drip irrigation technology. I have over 10 years of experience as a professional instructor in agricultural training, a , logistics manager, and director of agricultural development projects. Five years ago I made a career change, and today I work in a rehabilitation center for young people who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, supporting them in their efforts to become part of society as working people who can maintain a positive and productive relationship with their surroundings.  However, as I continue to enjoy being involved in agricultural projects, I am pleased to serve as advisor to Agrotrip Israel, planning and designing the agricultural training programs, together with Nirit. 

Agrotrip Israel is a leading source of state-of-the-art knowledge in all areas of agribusiness management and technologies delivered to you by the best 500 specialists in Israel..
AGROTRIP ISRAEL works in cooperation with many tour companies and tour agents in Israel and abroad, incorporating diverse approaches, according to the client's request. 
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