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Agriculture  Training Tours

Tailor-Made Tours

Special, tailor-made tours are intended for agribusiness management professionals to explore the most advanced Agricultural technologies and approaches in various areas of expertise, organized according to customers' preference.
You are invited to get acquainted, first-hand,
with the people and places involved in Israel’s food trade.
These high tech farming tours are designed especially to meet your needs:
Your group decides which topics to include in the training programme (drip irrigation 
technology; greenhouse technology; fish farming business; poultry technology; dairy technology) and the dates of the tour.
The 1-15 days Agricultural training programme includes tours of specialty
farms, field visits, lectures, and visits to general-interest tourist sites throughout
the country. These tours are designed for adults only.
We believe that the following topics may be of interest to you:
An example of a tailor-made Agricultural Training Programme
in 2014: Dairy Management & Nutrition of Ruminants
An example of a tailor-made Agribusiness Management  Programme
in 2014

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