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Excellence in Management – Practical Training,
 December 1-8, 2020
In recent decades, efforts have been made to advance rural development, through extension and organization.
Largely, these efforts have not yielded the desirable results.
It is very common for international organizations and NGOs to ignore the need for skilled and knowledgeable management, even though experience clearly shows that the key difference between successful rural farms and unsuccessful farms lies in management capabilities.
The objective of the training is to familiarize the participants with the strategies and tools for excellent management of small- and medium-size enterprises.
In the training, the participants visit several organizations in order to conduct a management audit.
In the classroom, the organizational managerial style is discussed. Also we learn to identify strategic errors in management.
The visits to organizations are accompanied by classroom presentations, which focus on the elements needed in order to ensure the successful management of Agribusiness ventures.
**All participants are asked also to prepare a business and execution plan, which is subject to
peer review.

Practical training
The training consists of classroom discussions and visits to agricultural processing plants, to observe their operations as they prepare the products for the commercial market.
The subjects that are discussed are: the management cycle; planning of vision, mission and values; internal organization; task execution; evaluations and adjustments; critical success points; the life cycle of an organization; managerial styles and personal profiles; tailor-made marketing; resource management; and building social capital and strategic alliances.
Emphasis is always on small- and medium-size enterprises of developing countries.
Expected results:
The participants will be able to develop and execute a winning business plan. They will also be able to conduct a management audit of their own businesses.
With the understanding that success in any endeavour is a result of careful planning and professional execution of the working plan, participants will leave the course equipped with the tools to improve their own managerial practices.
Dr. Yoram Malevski is the owner of Mayare International, a consulting firm dedicated to working with industry, governments, investors and international organizations. Its specialty areas are strategic planning, excellence in management, the adaptation of products for export markets, international marketing, market studies, product development and sensory evaluation. Services are offered in Israel, Europe, the United States and Latin America.


Transfer to a hotel in Kibbutz Sde-Yoav

Day 1 – Monday - Half day tour to Ashkelon
Overnight in Sde Yoav

 Day 2 – Tuesday
Tour to Jerusalem
Overnight in Sde Yoav

Day 3 – Wednesday
Morning Lecture:  Characteristics  of business initiatives and private enterprises
Afternoon study tour: Rishon-LeZion- Yavne
    >   Juran Technologies : 
    Juran's main areas of activity include Agricultural mechanization, packing house machinery         and equipment for fruit and vegetable handling, dehydration systems, ovens and dryers for the     food and other industries and Food treatment processes.
    >   Free-range Poultry farm- organic products for local market:
    Organi Tari (Organic Fresh) is a farm which breeds organic chicken. It is an organic chicken-        farm that's built and run to comply with the principles of chemical-free land.

Day 4 – Thursday
Morning workshop: Juran Technologies and Free-range Poultry Industries — case study analysis
Afternoon study tour: Netanya
     >   Hishtil vegetable nursery —Seedling in soilless media, automatic irrigation and quality            seedling supply to farmers.
     >   Family dairy farm – the farm have 50-150 milking cows, a solar energy system produces        also electricity on the roof of the cow shade.
 Overnight in Sde Yoav

Day 5 – Friday
Tour to Tel-Aviv- Jaffa
Overnight in Sde Yoav

Day 6Saturday
Tour to Dead Sea
 Overnight in Sde Yoav

Day 7Sunday
Morning workshop: The participants will develop and execute a winning business plan
Afternoon Lecture: Presentation of participants business plan and conduct a management audit

Overnight in Hotel Kibbutz Lavi

Day 8Monday - All day study tour: Zichron-Yaakov
     >   Growing grapes and wine industry: Wine production and consumption has been steadily          climbing in Israel for the past several years, and wine sales last year topped NIS 900                    million. Today there are 40 commercial wine producers, as well as hundreds of artisan                  producers, in all parts of the country.
     >   Raising small ruminants in a semi-arid area
    >   High-yield private pomegranate orchard:  Soil drainage preparation, fertigation             systems implemented in the orchard,  practical pest management and harvest timing
     >    Fish farm — Tilapia and Carp
Overnight in Hotel Kibbutz Lavi

Day 9Tuesday
Transfer to the Airport for your flight home



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