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 Greenhouse Vegetable Production


Greenhouse Vegetable Production
January 2021


The farming community in all countries faces great challenges in marketing, which demands various standards. Capacity building is needed for these exporters/businesses not only to reach market standards of crop quality, but also to reach the best decision making process regarding the big question: "what should I grow on my farm to get the best profit?" This question must be examined by the educated farm manager, as it is the key for success and prosperity.
In Israel, open field and greenhouse vegetable production takes place on both small family and large cooperative farms. The farms supply fresh food to the population and export ‘out of season’ produce to European markets. Fertigation (irrigation and fertilization) systems are resulting in high profits for these farms.
This study tour in Israel will focus on 2 horticultural topics: vegetables and herbs. The training will include all aspects of greenhouse structures design, Irrigation system, fertilization protocol, quality assurance requirements, post-harvest and packaging standards. Farm managers must direct their efforts towards high quality fresh produce.
The tour includes also visit to the “Arava Agricultural Exhibition”, the heart of the greenhouse vegetable and herbs activity in Israel.

Daily Schedule
Day 1 – Sunday 
Arrival, transport to Tel-Aviv Hotel
All day Jaffa-Tel-Aviv tour

Day 2– Monday 
Greenhouse structures design; greenhouse types, construction materials, location considerations and drainage requirements. We will visit several vegetables greenhouses after 2 hours lecture.
Intensive production of vegetables in small farms for local market.
Private family farms growing tomatoes and cucumber in net house; plant designing for high yield productivity, pest management, net cover advantages and fertigation control.
Day 3– Tuesday
Increasing tomato productivity in the greenhouse; environmental requirements (temperatures/ humidity/ light), varieties, plant design, growing media, plant spacing, fertilization and irrigation protocol.
Morning tour:
Planting material nurseries -seedling in soilless media, automatic irrigation and quality seedling supply to farmers.
Greenhouse covering materials, environmental control technologies (temperature, ventilation, humidity and lighting) and UV-resistant net cover for agriculture.
Day 4– Wednesday 
Morning visit to the Arava Agricultural Exhibition    http://www.aravaopenday.co.il/?siteLang=2
Afternoon tour to The Dead Sea
Day 5 – Thursday 

Herbs / aromatic plants  production in greenhouses for export       
Basil: an extremely popular herb that plays a major role in various cuisines, characterized by its tender green leaves and unique aroma. Israeli growers offer this splendid product year-round from all the fertile regions of the state of Israel.
Biological pest management in the greenhouse; insect and mite non-chemical control. We will see also industrial production of Bees used for vegetables flowers biological pollination in the greenhouse. 
Post-harvest management and technology:
This lecture will cover the following topics: Harvest management of different commodities and the means to determine when and how to harvest / Methods of storage of vegetables including precooling, curing, refrigerated storage, controlled and modified atmosphere storage / Methods of minimizing decay development on commodities in storage / Examples of the postharvest handling chain of selected commodities.
Day 6– Friday 
All day Jerusalem historical sites
Departure to the airport



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