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 Mango & Pomegranate


Mango & Pomegranate Agro Technologies
Practical Training for Kapil Group, Hyderabad India
July 24-27, 2016

Daily Schedule:

Day 1 

>   Pomegranate private orchard; Soil preparation, proper drainage and fertigation system in orchards, tree designing , choice of varieties in accordance with the soil and climate of the orchard, practical pest management, harvest timing – Mr. Itay Atzmon – fruit expert.

>  Plant sensors in Avocado plantation, supported by global communication solutions, cloud based servers and web based software applications, enables growers to receive and share a constant, real-time stream of data, helping them to understand the crops moment to moment needs. (Show complete installation of the dendrogram and other sensors and their study) – Phytech Agronomist info@phytech.com 

Day 2 

>   Mango nursery complete nursery trainings
>   Hanani Nurseries: Persimon, Pomegranate and other fruit trees seedling manufacturing 
>   Agricultural technologies of Mango young plantation; irrigation, fertilization, tree designing, harvesting.  This visit will be focusing on the important works in establishment of a new Mango plantation.

Day 3 

>   Mango packing house is involved in marketing fruits, exporting and supplying fruits to the local markets and cultivating orchards.
>   Harvesting and pruning technologies in old Mango plantation. Spraying protocols to keep high fruit yields in the orchard.
>   Irrigation scheduling and fertigation scheduling of young mango orchards with

Day 4
The Dead Sea
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