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The Supply Chain for the Food Industry in Israel

May 27-29, 2018
The Supply Chain for the Food Industry in Israel tour aims to share Israeli knowledge in farm management and marketing of Agricultural goods. To this end, the tour includes visits to private and cooperative agricultural farms, as well as visits to commercial companies. Lectures and study tours provide an 'insider's view' of innovation, and value creation in Agriculture and Food Industry.

A Talor made tour for 25 Agriculture students coming from Oklahome Univ. USA.
The group was organised by "On Eagle Wings tours".

Topics in the 2 days program include:
  • Water management
  • Irrigation technologies in vegetables field
  • Fruit tree nursery
  • Marketing to the local market & food industry
  • Post-Harvest technology
  • Intensive production of Vegetables
  • Olive oil industry
  • Wheat fields and silage processing for animal feed

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