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Water Management & Crop Production
Special Program for India Farmers
March 19-24, 2017

Topics included in the 6-day program:
  • Irrigation and fertilization methods in Vegetables field and greenhouse (Netafim)
  • Visits to farms and meetings with farm managers and agricultural specialists (Vegetables, Dairy, Plantation)
  • Vegetables seedling manufacturing methods
  • Post-harvest technologies
  • Agricultural R&D center in the desert (Ramat-Negev)
Historical tour days :      
  • Jerusalem   
Farm Visit Information
  • On our way from the border to the hotel we will be visiting Garlic fields and meeting with farm manager.
  • Afimilk - Animal Health Monitoring
  • Visit to a Mango orchard, supplying fertilizers year-round, drip fertigation monitoring systems. We will be meeting with the farm manager
  • Intensive manufacturing technologies in Banana orchards, Banana varieties, net cover, harvesting technologies.
  • Lavido organic cosmetics: Lavido specializes in natural, organic cosmetics that combine innovative research with experience gained over more than a decade in the development of advanced care and treatment products.
  • We will be visiting cooperative growing Mediterranean aromatic plants for health, food and cosmetics industry: Lavender, Salvia, Majorana.
  • Greenhouse Hydrophonic lettuce manufacture for food industry
  • Private family farms growing tomatoes in net house; plant designing for high yield productivity, pest management, net cover advantages and fertigation control.
  • Experimental vegetable seed farm for new varieties, sponsored by the seed industry
  • Family drip irrigation demonstration for small farm (low pressure) and greenhouse fertigation control systems
  • Technical workshop – all aspects of fertigation system maintenance

All day Jerusalem historical tour 

>  Hishtil vegetable seedling nursery – Ashkelon Industrial Area –seedling in soilless media, automatic irrigation and quality seedling supply to farmers
>  Post-harvest technologies: sorting and cold storage of Potatoes and Carrots for export.  We will be visiting Avshalom cooperative packing house.

>  Visit to Tomatoes Greenhouse in the desert
>  Visit to Ramat-Negev R&D center. 


>  Tour in a cooperative vegetable big scale fields; Carrots, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Wheat. This tour focus is Irrigation technologies of all growing plant stages; seedling, young plants, mature plants, pre-harvesting.
>  Agricultural machinery used by the cooperative fields
>  Visit to a cooperative Fish farm.

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