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Dairy Management & Nutrition of Ruminants


Dairy Management & Nutrition of Ruminants study tour for Danish Dairy Farmers and Dairy Advisers, March- April 2014

One of the most interesting discussions of this tour group was held after lecture on "Nutrition of Ruminants; Formulation of Rations", delivered by the nutritionist Steven Rosen. Various thoughts and ideas emerged as the group considered how to calculate the best ration for milking cows, dry cows, and heifers.

Day 1  Sunday 30.3.14
Arrive at Ben-Gurion International Airport.
Transfer to overnight accommodation
Tour in Jerusalem
Overnight in Jerusalem
Day 2  Monday 31.3.14
Agricultural tour guided by agronomist:
  • Cooperative dairy farm: herd management
  • "Afimilk" family dairy farm + veterinarian visit
  • Growing wheat and corn for silage
Overnight in North
Day 3 Tuesday 1.4.14
Agricultural tour guided by agronomist – in Golan Heights:
  • "Ambar" Feed Center
  • Family Dairy Farm (Danish speaking)
  • Evening lecture: nutrition of ruminants; general rules for nutrition.
Overnight in North

Day 4 Wednesday 2.4.14
Agricultural tour guided by agronomist – in Caesarea region:
  • Calf raising for replacement + food distribution
  • Veterinarian organization
  • Excellent small farm (SCR)
Overnight nearby Tel Aviv
Day 5 Thursday 3.4.14
Transport to airport + departure

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