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Let AGROTRIP introduce you to Israel’s

cutting-edge technology and natural diversity

200 Agricultural Experts

200 Agricultural Experts

Agrotrip Israel has a network of professional relationships with more than 200 agricultural experts in Israel. They provide a unique resource, as they share their knowledge with Agrotrip customers, in a range of areas, including agro-research, ecotourism, business, and technology.



We offer a tailor-made trips and a highly flexible approach in terms of dates, agricultural topics, and the ratio between sites of technology versus tourist interests - to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

ATOI Organization

International Tours

Agrotrip Israel is a leading company in Israel which provides Agricultural tours .

Our main goal is to forge a connection with farmers from all over the world and share our expert knowledge on how to sustainably produce high-quality foods.

Our Services

Agriculture Technology Service

Agriculture Technology 

We offer special, tailor-made tours and programs. Each tour day includes a visit to 3 different farms, selected according to the customer's request.

Ecotours & Cultural tours Service

Ecotours & Cultural tours

Israel is rich with natural and cultural attractions. Located between Asia, Africa and Europe, it contains many ecosystems.


Story & Trips

In May 2018 Quadrant was requested to prepare an itinerary to Israel. With no immediate contacts in Israel, we proceeded to search for a ground operator with agricultural knowledge and experience. We were then directed to AgroTrip Israel and Nirit, so the process commenced.

Nirit proved to be a very knowledgeable and knowing person and provided a well-researched and detailed program that fitted our brief perfectly. Her communication with us in the developing phase was prompt and concise and she provided great land content and service for a well-priced itinerary.

Graeme Mitchell Quadrant Australia, December 2019

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