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Why Us?

Agrotrip Israel offering Agricultural Technology tours for international groups, a special tailor-made trips in a range of agricultural areas, including research, business, and technology.

Our variety of Ecotours  can include visits to nature parks, wineries, organic farms in Israel—and even camel rides. The additional Cultural tours are an interesting mixture of unique art and history sites that usually end with a food tasting tour.

Meet Our Team

Agrotrip Israel has a network of professional relationships with more than

200 Agricultural experts in Israel.

Mr. Colin Lotzof

Mr. Colin Lotzof

Financial Management Training

Colin is a very energetic person, equipped with the people skills to pass on his rich experience to colleagues who wish to learn better management practices.


Professional and Financial Management Training.

Hands-on Consulting in all Fields of Dairy Practices

Staff Training and Work Protocol Development.


Ms. Nirit Hofshi Giladi

Owner and CEO

An agronomist by profession, Nirit has been involved in research, higher education, and practical agricultural activities in Israel for more than 30 years. Ten years ago, she started her own business in agricultural tourism (inbound / outbound) and training for professional groups from various countries.

Mr. Nabeel Gnayem

Mr. Nabeel Gnayem

CEO of Agrorim ltd.

Breeder at HGT Seeds ltd.

Senior Agronomist expert at High Green tech.

Nabeel comes with proven expertise in agronomy and consulting. He started his career with the Ministry of Agriculture as an extension officer. Mastering his entrepreneurial skills, he founded two companies: High green tech. Ltd and Fine Seeds. He has over 35 years of experience leading and consulting on agricultural projects worldwide.

Mr. Barak Kaplan

Mr. Barak Kaplan

Subtropical Plantation Specialist

Barak has more than 22 years of practical management experience in Mango, Citrus, Banana, Lychee and Avocado plantations.  

He is the manager of Kibbutz Hukuk farm and provides consulting services to farmers in Israel and abroad.

Ms. Rona Evyasaf

Ms. Rona Evyasaf

Archaeologist and Landscape Architect

Rona Shani Evyasaf is a landscape architect and archaeologist by profession, specialised in Hellenistic and Roman private gardens in the eastern Mediterranean. She gives lectures and guides archaeological tours around the country, in Jordan and in Italy. Since 2014 she has worked at the New Excavation Project at the World Heritage Site of Bait Shea'rim.

In May 2018 Quadrant was requested to prepare an itinerary to Israel. With no immediate contacts in Israel, we proceeded to search for a ground operator with agricultural knowledge and experience. We were then directed to AgroTrip Israel and Nirit, so the process commenced.

Nirit proved to be a very knowledgeable and knowing person and provided a well-researched and detailed program that fitted our brief perfectly. Her communication with us in the developing phase was prompt and concise and she provided great land content and service for a well-priced itinerary.

Graeme Mitchell Quadrant Australia, December 2019

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